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Co Living Investment Homes


Invest in Co-living Residences for Enhanced Returns.

Real estate investment transcends mere structures; it revolves around fostering communities, and solving accommodation problems. And Co Living residences go a long way towards solving a growing need of individual single rental needs.

A significant majority, exceeding 75%, of individuals seeking rental accommodations are singles or couples, often uninterested in leasing an entire property. Recognizing this evolving preference, there is a clear market demand for an improved shared living solution. Purpose designed Co-living programs strategically meet this demand, offering a more tailored living experience for individuals in the ‘sharing’ segment, thereby boosting returns for property investment clients.

Co-living introduces order and consistency to an otherwise unstructured market, Co-living Homes Investment Advantage is founded on increased demand, higher yields, and augmented net income. Purpose-built residences cater to the specific needs of the ‘sharing’ market, providing dedicated private spaces for each resident. In this context, the synergy of individual elements surpasses the overall impact.

Typically a co living investment property will have/ contain: –


  • Fully Furnished residence
  • Lockable Bedrooms each with their own
    • Ensuite
    • Air Conditioning System
  • Lockable Pantry in the Kitchen Area
  • Sometimes a carpark for each bedroom
  • Sometimes 2 loungerooms
  • Sometimes Separate study / media room.
  • Bedrooms are rented out individually to separate tenants.

Strategically positioned in select areas with both existing and projected demand, Co-living Homes present investors with lucrative opportunities.

As urbanites increasingly seek refuge from congested city living, the surge in demand for new homes outpaces current supply, particularly constrained by limited available land. This trend propels rental yields and property prices higher, providing an advantageous environment for Co-living Homes investors.

Key criteria for selecting of Co-living Homes locations:

  • Proximity to primary and social infrastructure
  • Focus on economic development corridors
  • Emphasis on creating spacious and communal living environments
  • Co-living-centric design prioritizing optimal personal space
  • High demand for shared living spaces
  • Escalating resale demand and property values

Investing in Co-living Homes is not just about financial returns; it’s about capitalizing on the evolving preferences of a growing demographic and fostering thriving communities.