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Legal Disclaimer

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BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au recognises the importance of your Privacy and your concerns about the security of the personal information which is entrusted to us. The following Privacy Policy details the mechanisms that the BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au Group of Companies (“BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au”) has put in place to manage your personal information and protect your privacy.

The principals set out in this Privacy Policy will apply to any personal information provided by you to BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au or collected by BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au from any other source.

The National Privacy Principals

On 21 December 2001 amendments to the Privacy Act 1998 came into force. The amendments introduced the National Privacy Principals. All private sector organisations, including BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au, are required to comply with the National Privacy Principals.

Under the Privacy Act personal information is defined as: “information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.

Collection of Personal Information generally collects personal information direct from you. For example, BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au may collect personal information about you when you deal with us over the telephone, send us correspondence, deal with us by way of e-mail or electronically over the internet, or when you have contact with us in person.

The most commonly collected personal information consists of names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers and e-mail addresses. The type of personal information that BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au collects from you will depend on the type of dealings that you have with us.

BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au also collects information when you use the website www.BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au, however the only personal information collected by BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au is information that you provide us by filling in an on-line form or sending us an e-mail. BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au does have the ability to track the usage of its website on an anonymous aggregate basis, however, the information collected by BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au in this instance is not personal information as it cannot be used to ascertain your identity.

There may be occasions when BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au needs to collect personal information about you from a third party, for example, your employer, other organisations with whom you have dealings, a credit reporting agency, an information service provider or from a publicly maintained record. If we collect personal information in this way BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au will take reasonable steps to contact you to ensure that you are aware of the purpose of collecting such personal information and the organisations to which BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au may disclose your personal information to.

Use of Personal Information

BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au may only use or disclose your personal information for the purpose specified by BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au at the time the personal information was collected (“Primary Purpose”). BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au may also use and disclose your personal information for purposes relating to the Primary Purpose, for example, invoicing and reminder notices.

Generally speaking, BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au can only use or disclose personal information collected by it for any purpose other than the Primary Purpose (or related to that Primary purpose) if you have given your consent for your personal information to be used or disclosed for that purpose.


BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au may also use your personal information to provide you with information relating to other BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au services. If you do not wish to receive information of this nature, please let us know and we will update our records accordingly.

Disclosure to Other Organisations

Where BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au engages third parties to perform services on your behalf, we may disclose your personal information to them so that they may perform those services.

BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au may also disclose personal information to other entities in the BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au Group which will use and disclose the personal information for the Primary Purpose for which it was collected. The contact details for the entities in the BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au Group are set out below.

BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au does not disclose personal information to any organisation outside of the BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au Group for marketing purposes.

Other Peoples’ Personal Information which you Provide to BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au

If you provide personal information to us about someone else (such as one of your directors or employees or someone with whom you have dealings) you must ensure that you are entitled to disclose that information. You should also ensure that you take reasonable steps such that the individual concerned is aware of the various matters dealt with in this Privacy Policy, including the identity of BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au, how to contact BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au, BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au purpose for collecting the information, BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au’s information disclosure practices, the individual’s right to obtain access to their personal information and the consequences where that information is not provided by BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au.

Access to your Personal Information

In most cases you can gain access to the personal information that BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au holds about you on request. All requests should be sent to the Privacy Officer care of the address below.

Under the National Privacy Principals BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au is required to provide you access to your personal information, unless there is an exception under the Privacy Act. If BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au decides not to provide you with access to your personal information, BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au will provide you with reasons for this decision.

The National Privacy Principals also enable BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au to charge a fee for allowing access to your personal information. You should discuss any possible fees with the Privacy Officer upon making a request for access to your personal information.

Keeping Personal Information Up-To-Date

BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au must take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information collected by BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au is accurate. If you become aware that any personal information held by BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au is incomplete or inaccurate, please advise us and we shall take appropriate remedial measures.

Security for Personal Information

Under the National Privacy Principals, BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au is under an obligation to take reasonable steps to protect the personal information that it holds from misuse, loss and from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

Your personal information is stored as either electronic data in BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au’s systems or in hard copy. In order to protect your personal information we maintain physical security over our electronic data sources and paper stores, such as locks and alarm systems. Our systems are secured by way of firewalls, for internet protection, and system passwords to restrict access to computer systems.

Contact Us

If you have any queries in relation to the way in which we manage your personal information, you wish to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy or you wish to gain access to your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer:


BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy at any time. We will notify you of any changes to this Privacy Policy by posting an updated version on our website www.BrisbaneProperties.Com.Au.