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Paying Your Rent Info


Keeping your rent up to date is extremely important. We strongly advise it is vital you consider paying your rent as you would any other bill as your rental history will support your credit rating, therefore it’s very important you are aware of your payment options and what is required.

We provide you with 2 options for paying rent, both are electronic forms of payment, as we are strictly a cashless office. These options include direct deposit, phone or internet transfer or Money Order. It’s your choice as to which option you prefer.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, you are required to pay your rent by the date noted on the schedule in your lease and it must always be paid in advance. Should you have any difficulties in paying your rent, please notify us as soon as possible.

If you have requested maintenance, you should not take matters into your own hands and stop paying rent as a way to get work done. If you do this, you are breaching your tenancy agreement, and you could be issued a Notice to Leave.

We have a strict policy on the payment and collection of rent. Should you fall behind for any reason, the below timeline provides you with a list of events.

Category Time Elapsed Reminder Notice
Category 1 arrears 1 to 3 days in arrears Text message or email
Category 2 arrears 4 to 7 days in arrears Phone call
Category 3 arrears 8 to 14 days in arrears Notice to Remedy Breach
Category 4 arrears 17 days in arrears Notice to Leave


Remember whenever you apply for a new tenancy, a rental reference request is usually asked for, and this reference will detail all Arrears notices as well as other breaches, which may impede your ability to rent further properties.